Partnership plans to use creationism to evangelize

( [email protected] ) May 12, 2004 06:45 PM EDT

Coral Ridge Ministries hopes that the display of thousands of bones and fossils in future creation science museums will be used to disprove evolutionism and turn people back to God. The ministry has recently partnered up with the Creation Studies Institute (CSI) with a vision enhance the teachings of creationism.

“There are groups in power in this nation that have a vested interest in promoting evolution, and their agenda has no room for God or for a moral law,” said Dr. James D. Kennedy who is President of CSI, “If we are to return to godliness, the pernicious lie of evolution must be exposed. CSI will bring creation education to the masses and I believe it is essential to winning America back to God.”

CSI, which also has one of the largest bone collection among Christian organizations, will also work on building its collection of actual bones for education in museums.

“We want to establish museums so we can show people that God is the Creator, so they understand that they don’t come from monkeys, but they come from God,” said CSI’s Executive Director Tom DeRosa , a high school and college science educator for 32 years.

According to DeRosa, evolutionists have been using actual bones to tell the “wrong story”. “It’s time we igot the bones and told the right story,” he said.

Over $1 million is being raised for the effort of nationally launching CSI. Developments of CSI will include a Genesis Connection weekly one-hour radio program, newly designed CSI web site, printed literature on creationism, hands-on creation workshops, interactive creation science centers and summer “Creation Camp” for young people.

The mission of CSI is to “bring people to Christ through the message of Creation.... When people see the Creator God, they can be brought to Christ,” stated DeRosa.