Youth Ministry Initiates Urban Ministry Training

( [email protected] ) May 17, 2004 03:33 PM EDT

Working closely with local churches and ministries, the Young Life ministry has increased urban outreach efforts in major cities all over the United States. Recognizing that America’s inner cities lack sufficient outreach in the gospel, the Young Life ministry initiated plans to train many volunteers for future urban ministry work.

Currently, many Americans continue to face spiritual famine and starvation in urban centers all over the nation. Sadly, many people in the cities often times find that battle for survival in the drug-filled, harsh, and violent atmosphere of the inner cities a day-to-day routine.

By helping to train individuals in urban ministry roles, Young Life seeks to further expand ministry into the inner cities. According to urban ministry coordinator, Justine Conley, Young Life’s goal is "to help develop ministry in multicultural and urban settings.” Recognizing that urban centers have high diversity and culture, the urban ministry training has also included training individuals to handle ministry in the multi-ethnic and diverse atmosphere of the big cities.

Through working with local ministries, the Young Life ministry will allow many in the big cities to realize the hope and love of God found in the gospel.