Same-Sex Marriage Bears Four Serious Ramifications

( [email protected] ) May 19, 2004 08:44 AM EDT

Dennis Rainey, president of Family Life, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, wrote an article naming four ramifications of same-sex ‘marriage’ being legalized including polygamy as the next possible agenda for what he calls “social engineers Rainey also offers four ways Christians can respond to “the progression of a decomposing family structure”, especially after Massachusetts legalized the act on May 17.

Rainey goes right into the heart of the matter, first listing children as his top concern. The legalization of same-sex marriage will bring about an infiltration of the education system, according to Rainey, who believes children will be exposed to pictures showing same-sex couples as ‘normal’ and also be required to attend “sensitivity training” classes to relate to children in same-sex homes.

The second place where the consequences of same-sex marriage will be evident is the church. Instead of being able to fulfill its fundamental function of teaching the truth of the Bible “churches and pastors will legally be restrained from taking biblical stands against the practice of homosexuality,” said Rainey. Churches may even be forced to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies in the future.

His third concern is one where many pro-family groups can agree on—the possibility of polygamy and other perversions of marriage becoming valid with the same-sex marriage as the pioneering base. “Social engineers will lobby for polygamy, group marriage, and open marriage.”

The conclusion of the chain effect of same-sex marriage may lead to what Rainey calls “societal disintegration”, possibly following the trend of Scandinavia, a country that has legalized same-sex marriage. However, 60 percent of all the children being born in Scandinavia are born out of wedlock, according to statistics.

Four ways to respond to matter, said Rainey, are to get informed, help educate others, pray and stand up for the truth.

“As the moral standard bearer of the culture, the Christian community dares not to be silent.”