Questionnaire aids day of outreach for Christian students

( [email protected] ) May 19, 2004 01:19 PM EDT

May 19 is the day Christian students are challenged in the Year-at-a-Glance Wave!, an hour of evangelism that begins on the East coast and proceeds through each time zone.

The occasional event is sponsored by Campus Alliance, an association of over 60 denominational and para-church youth ministries working together to reach middle and high school students. Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth for Christ, Youth With A Mission are a few members among the list.

During the Wave!, which occurs once every month excluding June and July, students are encouraged to pray in groups of three or more to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit before beginning their evangelistic outreach. The students will use a variety of methods to begin a conversation with others. For the Year-at-a-Glance event, a questionnaire was created so students could use to interview other students, hopefully connecting them with the gospel.

The Year-at-a-Glance Questionnaire asks people to respond to the following:

1. It has been said, "An unexamined life is not worth living." As you look back at this past school year, what have been some of the highlights?

2. What will be some of the things you remember most form this past year?

__ time with friends __ an athletic competition

__ special achievements __ a tragic event

__ school exams __ a good or bad teacher

3. We all wish we could have a few "do-overs" from time to time in life. If you could, what are some things you would like to "do over" from this past year?

4· Many people must deal with guilt in their lives because of a poor choice they may have made. How do you think most people deal with feeling of quilt and depression?

5· Jesus Christ claimed that He could forgive any sin we have ever committed and that He could cleanse our conscience from worry and despair. He actually claimed He wants to do this because He loves us. Would you like to hear how you could know kind of freedom through a personal relationship with God? [ ] Yes [ ] No