Christ in Youth Announces New Executive Director

( [email protected] ) May 28, 2004 05:30 PM EDT

Christ in Youth has announced the Andy Hansen as the new Executive Director, which is replacing the title of President. Hansen was appointed during the May Board of Directors meeting.

Hansen, previously served as the Director of Conferences since 1985, succeeded Paul Smith who held the title of CIY President since 1989. Smith resigned during a meeting the 10-member Board of Directors held in December 2003 leaving his position vacant. The Board named Hansen as Intern Director before he assumed the role of Executive Director on May 6, 2004.

An active participant in Christ In Youth throughout his life, Hansen accepts his new role with optimism.

“Christ In Youth has been a passion of mine since I first went to Conference my junior year in high school,” he said. “Since that time, I’ve not only been blessed to attend as a student, but as a youth minister taking students, and to serve on staff for 19 years as the Director of Conferences. As I move into this new role of leading all aspects of the ministry, I realize CIY has on staff some of the most talented and creative youth ministry personnel. This team of men and women have a vision to see thousands of students come to a deep relationship in Jesus Christ and discover their talent of service for the King. With your prayers and partnership in this ministry, God’s blessing will be an exciting adventure in shaping the future of youth ministry.”

Under Andy’s leadership, the summer conference program has grown from conducting four conferences attended by 2,000 students to currently conducting 22 conferences attended by 23,000 students nationwide, according to CIY.

“CIY has always reached youth with a relevant, effective Gospel message...and we have even more opportunities do reach even more youth in the future,” said Melia Sackett, CIY Development Coordinator.

Sackett said with Andy as Executive Director, CIY is now positioned to seize these opportunities and reach as many youth as possible for Christ.

“His passion for youth is shown in his life-long commitment to vocational youth ministry--and an encouragement to all who work here and look to him for guidance,” she said.

Jayson French, CIY Associate Director, will be taking over for Hansen as Director of Conferences. French, with 14 years of experience as a youth minister under his belt, began working for CIY in August 2002 as an Associate Director, where he planned, coordinated, and directed aspects of Summer Conference.

CIY is a Christian youth organization, which organizes conferences, service projects, and mission trips to train and educate the youth about the Gospel. It also offers training and resources to youth ministry workers.