Promise Keepers Men Celebrate Freedom in Christ at Dallas Conference

( [email protected] ) Jun 29, 2004 03:36 PM EDT

Again pulling in thousands of men to celebrate their lives in Christ, Promise Keepers held their fourth "Uprising - the Revolution of a Man's Soul" conference in Dallas, Texas, from June 25-26.

“We are called to be free,” said Pastor Erwin McManus, author of the book which gave the conference theme its name as he quoted 1st Corinthians. “So why then, do we choose to live like slaves?” 

"Pursuing Christ is the key to our liberation," explained McManus on how to escape the prison of sin. Over 8,000 men attended the Dallas gathering.

Promise Keepers kicked off their 2004 conference tour on June 4 in Albany, N.Y. The next stop will be in Charleston, W.V., from July 9-10.