FamilyNet to Cover U.S. Political Conventions

Broadcast to be family-focused and faith-based
Jul 12, 2004 07:07 PM EDT

A broadcast subsidiary of the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board announced on July 8, that they would be airing live coverage of the Democratic and Republican conventions that are to take place in late- July and August respectively. In the announcement, Fort Worth, Texas-based FamilyNet noted that their focus will be on convention news and information related to family and faith issues.

"As well as reporting on important issues, party platforms and campaign promises, we intend to bring our viewers the stories that may not be seen anywhere else," said FamilyNet news director Lorri Allen. "We will seek out stories that are family focused as well as issues with a faith-based point of view."

FamilyNet President Bob Sutton said the coverage will seek to "filter through the rhetoric, by focusing on substantial issues that are relevant to the lives of those we represent," while Vice President of Programming Martin Coleman noted, "We will explore issues like how the candidates' and delegates' faith plays into their decisions as well as how a candidate's faith impacts the voters' decisions toward the candidate."

FamilyNet's "Decision 2004 -- Boston" during the July 27-29 Democratic convention will be aired live from 9-10 p.m. Eastern time as will "Decision 2004 -- New York" in the same time slot during the Aug. 31-Sept. 2 Republican convention.

The nightly programs will include:

- Live reports from the convention floor with Allen and special guests.

- In-studio features and panel segments moderated by news anchor John Criswell, featuring such guests as Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and host of the weekly "Richard Land Live!" syndicated radio broadcast; Janet Parshall, the host of "Janet Parshall's America," a three-hour nationally syndicated radio program; Peter Roussel, special assistant and deputy press secretary to President Reagan from 1981-87; and Hugh Hewitt, a Los Angeles-based political commentator and host of the syndicated "Hugh Hewitt Show" radio program.

Owned and administered by NAMB, FamilyNet operates a digital cable channel and produces five radio programs and Public Service Announcements (PSAs). FamilyNet Television is a 24-hour television network airing more than 50 hours of original, values-based programs to a potential audience of more than 32 million households. Information about FamilyNet outlets is on the Web at or available by phoning 1-800-832-6638.