Director of YWAM Argentina Discusses GENESIS

( [email protected] ) Jul 17, 2004 02:14 AM EDT

GENESIS video broadcasting system has been at the forefront of connecting Youth With A Mission bases around the world. The technology has been used for international worship gatherings and also has allowed for global classroom environments for YWAM’s Discipleship Training School.

In an interview with Youth With A Mission, Alejandro Rodriguez, director of YWAM Argentina, shares his experience with GENESIS.

What has been your past experience with GENESIS?

Personally, one of the strongest experiences was some time ago when I was teaching with a DTS, the multipoint DTS, in Brazil, Latvia and here in Lausanne. During a moment of the teaching, the Holy Spirit gave me a specific word for different persons here in Lausanne and in Latvia.

It was the same for a link with India. For me I was so surprised when the Lord showed me one of the YWAM staff to share a personal word of God for him. The Lord gave him a very specific and personal word and everyone was confirming in India that this was the Word of God for him in this time in his life. For me it was something so powerful because it was the first time in my life in ministering to people that I saw the Holy Spirit touching people so powerfully with thousands and thousands of miles from Argentina to India.

How do you see GENESIS further serving Argentina and all of Latin America?

I think there are many ways. One, you know that in Latin America that we have big expansions of land and big distances between cities. Many times it is difficult to go to many cities, they are in the mountains or they are thousands of kilometers to the south or to the north. GENESIS is a very good tool, it is more than a tool, it is a blessing from God, to bring together, link and put in the hand of everyone teaching, ministering, and experiences with the Lord.

In our perspective, the biggest potential we have through GENESIS is influencing the society. We can be a powerful influence if we can make contact in different areas like education, health, security, bringing together teachers from the north and south of the country, and forums about women and about children. If we can do this, we can lead the influence over our nation. We are thinking and praying in this direction, to use GENESIS to influence every area of society in our entire nation.

What is the biggest potential for GENESIS?

I think, talking from the Great Commission perspective, from the perspective of the justice of God, it is putting nations together and bringing the best of each nation to every nation. It is not just from one place that has more resources or money or technical resources, but it is the possibility of people in Asia ministering and blessing people in Latin America and vice versa.

It is the open door to have equal opportunities to give and receive. This is for me a specific potential GENESIS has. The other thing is to open possibilities for people who really can't have the possibility to receive speakers, preachers, and seminars. I think all the potential of GENESIS is about expressing the justice of the heart of God for the nations: Everybody with open doors to receive the best of each nation.

Anything else?

I want to encourage firstly people and bases that are involved with the GENESIS ministries because in communication there is a very strong spiritual battle. We are not just talking about media or technical tools or resources; we are talking about spiritual warfare we are talking about restoring the nations.

For this reason everybody who is involved in a ministry like this needs to invest a lot of time in spiritual warfare praying together, walking in holiness because it is a tremendous gift, and tool in the hand of God.

My other suggestion is for people who are praying about GENESIS and are not working with GENESIS. They are probably thinking "Oh it's a lot of money," or some other ideas or presuppositions. Please, this is a blessing from God. Look for the GENESIS people, they will help you, they will advise about you how you can use this ministry more powerfully with all the potential in your base, in your ministry, and in your nation.