U-Turn International Ministry Designed to Counter Homosexual Movement

New program helps teen struggling with sexual confusion.
( [email protected] ) Aug 10, 2004 09:34 PM EDT

In response to the rising wave of sexual confusion, experimentation and rebellion, Kenny Conoley launched a ministry called “U-Turn International Ministry” in order to counter all these anti-Christian sexual movements. The ministry aims to help Christian teenagers escape the cycles of homosexuality and bisexuality. The name U-Turn explains the ministry’s main focus which is guiding Christian teenagers to make a U-Turn back toward a life of purity as God has made for them.

Being one of the organizations that explicitly counter all those rebellious sexual movements, U-turn International Ministry offers spiritually sensitive help to the needy.

According to Jerry Pierce, Kenny Conoley decided to start the ministry after receiving a call from a teenage girl complained that two of her male friends who were leaders in their church youth group, were homosexual lovers.

Conoley sought help of Richard Ross, a professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Conoley was greatly encouraged to initiate the program.

Ross explained that U-Turn ministry can take the lead in guiding students to remain pure in thoughts about sexual orientation and behaviors.

One of U-Turn's main objectives is to remind churches in the nation and around the world to be alert with homosexuality. It has always been God’s grace to allow the union between a man and a woman and this tradition must be accepted and practiced at all time in any era. Cooley was saved by the Grace of God from his sexual abusive in young age. Being recovered from such wound, Cooley is now sending the message of God to fallen ones who have followed the path of spiritual destruction.

Cooley noted, “We are not trying to make a ‘gay’ person straight. We are trying to help someone with a sin issue turn back to a life of holiness and purity or gain a relationship with Christ through repentance and forgiveness.”