Bible Teacher Coaches a Baseball Team

Minister, also a former baseball player, receives new job to teach the Bible and to coach the baseball team at Calvary Christian School.
( [email protected] ) Aug 13, 2004 10:29 PM EDT

Rev. Sammie Mathis, a former baseball player and regional director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), started his new job on Wednesday Aug 4, 2004 at Calvary Christian School as both a Bible teacher and a coach for the baseball team of the school.

According to Allison Kennedy of The Ledger-Enquirer, Mathis was a pitcher in the Cleveland Indians Organization from 1995-98. Living and having faith in God, Mathis always maintains the spirit of Christ in his love for baseball.

Rev. Mathis can now both teach the Bible and rejoin the sport that he loves. Mathis intends to build a strong foundation of teamwork among the players based on Christian faith.

It is not about winning or losing when players engage in the baseball game. The true values come from the spirit of co working and mutual respects.

Players should have the attitudes of unifying as in one body of Christ to maintain the integrity of the game.

“A lot of people's jobs in sports depends on winning. I believe in building people for the rest of their life. Winning will take care of itself," Mathis says. "Through growing in my identity with Christ, he made this (job) the desire of my heart.” he adds.