VBS’s 2005 Theme: “Ramblin’Road Trip”

Life Way introduces new Vacation Bible School (VBS) program which will be used in 2005
( [email protected] ) Aug 16, 2004 05:31 PM EDT

In response to churches’ request for the expansion of Vacation Bible School (VBS) program in the United States, LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention has announced 2 new projects which will become essential parts of VBS program in 2005.

The first project is a cross country trek in which children and adults will visit many places to worship God and learn about the path of Jesus Christ. The second project will take children to a beach “blast” to appreciate God's love and to search for truth.

BP news explains that the cross-country trek will take participants along "Route 254" from Destination Worship in Washington, D.C., to Destination Thankfulness in Chicago, through Destination Salvation in Lebanon, Kan., (the geographic center of the United States), past Destination Belief in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and finally to Destination Obedience at Knott’s Berry Farm in Southern California.

Participants of this cross country venture will experience a relationship with Jesus Christ through biblical truths at each destination that they reach. Having the desire to reach each destination and following God's spirit to learn the truth, participants will grow older in term of faith and will look for God’s guidance in their own life adventures.

“Each day and at each destination, the children will be presented with biblical truths,” said Mary Katharine Hunt, LifeWay’s VBS division project manager. “One thing that is absolutely true about all our VBS material is the presentation of Scripture. Everything, all the fun stuff, always relates back to the Bible story,” she added.

The second project is designed for 2005 with the theme “Club VBS: Beach Blast”. Children will learn to appreciate God’s faithfulness, according to the Life Way announcement.

VBS Beach Blast will take children to a beach where they can spend time together and learn more about God.

BP news also confirms that the motto for this project, “God is faithful. I can dig it!” will lead children to:

-- Dig into God’s Promises

-- Dig into God’s Provision

-- Dig into God’s Power

-- Dig into God’s Plan

-- Dig into God’s Presence

For more information, visit the VBS website, www.lifeway.com/yourvbs.