Retired Ministers Conference Takes Place in New Mexico

( [email protected] ) Aug 30, 2004 07:27 PM EDT

The 6th annual Celebration of Service for Retired Ministers has been scheduled for Sept. 13-17 at Glorieta’s Conference Center in Glorieta, N.M.

Richard Faling, director of retiring ministers for the convention, will coordinate the event. Failing says that more than 300 retired ministers from various states around the country are expected to gather at the event.

Retired Ministers event was founded in 1999. Eugene Greer, who died in July 2003, was one of the pioneers helped to start the event. During his time of service, Greer, a retired missions leader of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, helped to reunite many old friends around the country who lost contact for years.

Faling hopes to continue the legacy of Greer because he believes that it is a needed ministry. The event serves as a reunion bringing old friends together. "The people are so happy to be there. You can really feel the spirit of the people," he said.

"It’s a time of fellowship and renewal. A lot of them don’t get to go to a homecoming at their school, so it is kind of a reunion. Dr. Greer realized that this is so important. It's a way that we can give back to those that have given their lives to ministry," Greer added.

Each day of the conference is filled with Bible study, seminars, and an evening fellowship.

In addition, retired ministers who attend the conference can also attend its many workshops dealing with a variety of issues, such as establishing trusts and wills, retirement plans, and investing money. There will also be a woman workshop which is designed to help women understand more about the lives of retired ministers’ wives.

For more information on this year’s celebration, contact the Glorieta Conference Center at (800)797-4222. The event does not include a conference fee, only room and board.