CCC’s “Cities of The World” Ministry Reaches Out to the World

( [email protected] ) Sep 01, 2004 08:26 PM EDT

The “Cities of the World” ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ has launched a campaign aiming to bring people around the world closer to Christ, through the use of the media such as radio, television, billboards, and websites.

Cities of the World's Paul Brooks testified that the ministry’ s strategy has the “power to change” the lives of millions of people. "It's a church based media campaign that uses the testimony of people's changed lives to help present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to an entire city."

Brooks added, “The media has two very distinct purposes. One is to help to encourage local Christians. And the second purpose was to share the Gospel message throughout the city.”

Christian concerts, gospel meetings and other evangelistic outreaches are coupled with the media blitz. Currently, Cities of the World ministry is gathering resources like expertise, people, and finances to support its aboard missions.