Florida-based CCCI and GCM Respond to Headquarter Damage by Reaching Out

( [email protected] ) Sep 01, 2004 08:44 PM EDT

Despite suffering damages caused by Hurricane Charley, the Florida-based headquarters of two ministries are repaying bad with good.

The world headquarters of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) in Lake Hart, which is near Orlando, is now back in operation after electricity was restored to its facilities on August 18. The organization reported that the hurricane left several roof leaks in each building, which are now being repaired, tore off an elevator shaft roof from one of the buildings and toppled over 60 trees near the headquarter site.

While no staff members have been injured, six families have reported extensive damage to their homes and another 25 have reported major damage. Others report major roof damage to their homes but many staff members have returned to work.

Some staff members who did not suffer serious damages are even traveling to areas impacted more greatly by the storm and going door-to-door to show the love of Christ and ask how they might help, reports CCCI.

Campus Crusade president Steve Douglass has also joined hurricane relief efforts in his neighborhood.

“My wife and I have been getting together with neighbors who have really pulled together through all of this, leading to great evangelistic opportunities,” said Douglass.

Great Commission Ministries, present on 44 U.S. campuses and 23 nations and headquartered in Winter Park, Florida, reported a similar story.

Hurricane Charley forced the GCM to temporarily close its office until the third week of August due to loss of power. However, through generated power GCM restored its phone, email and websites were restored on Aug. 16.

According to GCM, some GCM missionaries have suffered damaged losses amounting to $4,000 or more, including home damage such as roof damage, water damage, downed trees, covered porches destroyed by wind and trees, damaged playground and yard equipment, and vehicles crushed by trees.

However, the unfortunate hurricane could not stop members of GCM’s local Orlando church from showing their care as they quickly mobilized to provide people with water, an air conditioned place to sleep, and a hand in cleaning up rubble around their homes.

GCM reported on its Website that a group of over a dozen GCM missionaries and students from the University of Florida in Gainesville and the University of North Florida in Jacksonville also traveled to Orlando to bring supplies and help with the relief efforts. Kathy Zellinger, GCM’s ministry partner representative, served as the central dispatcher sending teams from to affected houses in need of assistance.

The ministry has created a video of its efforts available for viewing on its main Website, www.gcmweb.org, and has also set up a “Hurricane Charley Missionary Relief” fund to help some of the missionaries cover their losses.