2004 National Missionettes Week

( [email protected] ) Sep 02, 2004 09:40 PM EDT

The 2004 National Missionettes Week (NMW) is scheduled for September 12-18. NMW is an Assemblies of God’s program focusing on girl ministries.

Over 180,000 girls and sponsors involved in this highly successful program are expected to be recognized at this event. NMW will help to prepare for Nationwide Missionettes Sleepover and Coins for Kids conferences which will be held on the weekend of September 24-25.

Both Nationwide Missionettes Sleepover and Coins for Kids will help collect coin offerings for kids. This offering is a major means of support for the nationwide Missionettes mission: to provide quality materials and services for needy children.

Each year the national Missionettes Ministries office, in cooperation with the Assemblies of God World Missions and U.S. Missions, selects a missions project that specifically affects children. Projects that the Coins for Kids fund has assisted include providing missionary medical kits, indoor equipment and furnishings for missions and benevolences institutions, Touch the World Care Center in Ethiopia, translation of the Missionettes curriculum into Spanish, Health for the Helpless, and Native American Fellowship.

"We anticipate National Missionettes Week and the Nationwide Missionettes Sleepover each year," says National Missionettes Coordinator Debby Seler.

"The excitement is definitely felt in the national office as well," Seler adds. "Answering the phone calls on Friday evening [September 24] as Missionettes groups from across the nation call in with their Coin for Kids offerings is a highlight--we are truly blessed by the many Missionettes clubs' commitment to reach the world for Christ."

The Coins for Kids offering has set a new record the last two years with an increase of over 32 percent in 2003. This year the Coin for Kids offering is designated to help the Baan Rom Yen Children's Home in Chiang Ham, Thailand