Centri-KID Summer Camps Draw 13,000 Kids

( [email protected] ) Sep 03, 2004 08:38 PM EDT

A total of 13,000 eight to twelve year-olds received the opportunity of learning about the many doors they can enter in their lives during the nine weeks of Centri-KID week-long camps held this summer in over 20 locations, an increased 3,000 from last year’s camp attendances, according to LifeWay’s student events area.

The camp's 2004 theme “Doors, doors, and more doors—which one do I enter?” allowed the students to think of their life of faith as entering doors to develop a more personal understanding of the Bible and a relationship with Jesus then being able to tell others about Jesus.

Camp counselors in their 20s brought an energetic flavor to the camps which offered Bible studies, recreational games, and track sessions to illustrate Biblical principles in a fun way.

The camp reported that more than 500 decisions were made during this year’s Centri-KID camps, ranging from salvation experiences to rededications.