2004 National Prison Aftercare Conference

( [email protected] ) Sep 07, 2004 09:53 PM EDT

Transition of Prisoners (TOP) will be hosting “A national Prison Aftercare Conference” in Marriott Detroit Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI on October 15-17, 2004. This will be one of the largest faith based prison aftercare conferences in the country.

The conference is designed to provide introduction about multiple programs regarding aftercare services to ex-prisoners and their families. Besides ex-prisoners, many other guests are invited including prison aftercare workers, faith based ministry leaders, correction officials, pastors & church laymen, prison ministry volunteers and more.

Conference’s attendants will work with hundreds of people from over 26 states in the country in informative sessions in which they will be provided resources regarding prison aftercare ministries, government programs and social organizations from across the country.

These inspiring general sessions will include testimonies by ex-prisoners in addition to worship services. The ultimate goal is helping ex-prisoners develop a transition plan to focus on what is needed for them to complete a successful return to the community.

Transition of Prisoners (TOP) is formerly a ministry of Prison Fellowship Ministries. It has provided aftercare services to ex-prisoners and their families since 1993. Its primary objective is the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners through a comprehensive program of church integration, instruction, referrals and systematic mentoring.

During its years of operation TOP has developed a global ministry of training and technical assistance and executed such ministry in 21 cities,18 states and 3 foreign countries.

Only 18% of TOP graduates have been returned to prison up to three years after their first enrollment with TOP Most of those who returned to prison did so because of a technical rule violation.

TOP graduates are 10 times less likely to return to prison than a control group that received no services from the TOP program.