The National Preaching Initiative Is Confirmed

( [email protected] ) Sep 07, 2004 09:53 PM EDT

The Wilberforce Forum will launch a new project, entitled, ”The National Preaching Initiative – Redefining Marriage: A Crisis for Children” during the months of September and October, 2004. The goal of this project is to encourage pastors, priests and clergy all across America to address their congregations on God's design for marriage, sexuality, family and culture.

“Most Americans don’t believe that same-sex ‘marriage’ could actually become the law of the land, and they don’t fully realize how it would impact them and their children,” stated Chuck Colson, chairman of the Wilberforce Forum and founder of the National Preaching Initiative.

Colson continued, “Given what’s at stake, I believe that Christians need to make stopping the spread of same-sex ‘marriage’ their number-one cultural priority. Pastors, priests, and clergy of all denominations should be leading the charge.”

“The time to act is now. This issue has the potential to redefine and, ultimately, to destroy the institution of marriage in this country—and with marriage goes the family. The Church can’t afford to be silent on this issue.”

Founded in 1991 as a division of Prison Fellowship, the Wilberforce Forum seeks to stimulate thought and dialogue on key moral issues and to educate academia, policy makers, justice officials, church leaders, and the general public on current issues from a Christian worldview.