Interfaith Ministries Christian’s Job Corps Offers Courses

( [email protected] ) Sep 10, 2004 09:06 PM EDT

Interfaith Ministries Christian Women's Job Corps will begin its 10 week session of classes starting Sept 13, 3004. The classes will prepare women to set lifetime goals and give them the tools to achieve those goals.

Christian Women’s Job Corps is a non-profit, faith based organization offering training opportunities in which women help women. Some of the classes offered include computer, life skills and personal well being. Two key aspects of the program are mentoring and Bible Study.

Participants of the program are expected to obtain skills to move from dependency to self-sufficiency. Each participant will have a mentor who will meet with her weekly to encourage and support her. Spiritual needs are also addressed through group Bible study.

For more information about the program, mentor or volunteer opportunities, call Barbara Harrison at Christian Women's Job Corps, 224-1907.