Stanley to Put Christians ‘InTouch’ with Touchy Issues

Through a four-part series, founder of InTouch Ministries, Charles Stanley addresses same-sex 'marriage' and abortion issues through a Biblical viewpoint.
( [email protected] ) Sep 18, 2004 05:26 PM EDT

Charles Stanley, founder of InTouch Ministries, will be airing in a four-part television and radio series entitled, “America at the Crossroads: Impacting the 21st Century,” which will connect Christians with hard-to-ignore issues such as same-sex “marriage” and abortion as the elections draw near.

In the four programs, "Which way, America?," "America: Under God or Under Judgment?," "Our Dual Citizenship," "What now, America?," Dr. Stanley asks questions such as What kind of America will our children have? Can America lose God's blessing? What are Christians' responsibilties on earth? What can be done to return America to God?, concerning America’s past, present, and future and provides answers through a Biblical viewpoint.

While he addresses the declining spiritual condition of the United States, Dr. Stanley also offers hope as he reveals the God-given roles Christians must assume to change the nation.

Dr. Stanley is heard on 500 radio stations every day. His programs can be heard internationally through local television and radio networks. In America, his programs are carried on 225 secular television stations.

Originally a senior pastor of the 15,000-member First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Dr. Stanley is also a best-selling author. He published his most recent book, “When the Enemy Strikes,” on September 7.

TV/Radio broadcast dates for “America at the Crossroads” series:

Oct. 10/ Oct.11 “Which way, America?”

Oct. 17/ Oct. 18 “American: Under God or Under Judgment?”

Oct. 24/ Oct. 25 “Our Dual Citizenship”

Oct. 31/ Nov. 1 “What now, America?”

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