See You At the Pole Reports Now Available

A series of reports compile See You At the Pole events around the nation.
( [email protected] ) Oct 07, 2004 08:26 PM EDT

Three of four scheduled reports on the national See You at the Pole event, which took place on Sept. 15, are now available on the event’s Web site.

The reports entitled, “See You At the Pole Perspectives 2004,” were released on Sept, 17, Sept. 24, and Oct. 1 compiling reports and testimonies from local participants in the event. The fourth and last report will be released on Oct. 8.

Pictures are included and details of local events are described in each one-page report.

One report spoke of a touching story of Ivy, a kindergartner, who was the only one at her school to pray at the pole. Another showed a picture of one school, Perry Traditional Academy in Pittsburgh, which put out four bowls with water to let students take turn washing their hands as a symbol of their dedication to keep clean hands and a pure heart, the theme of the 2004 See You At the Pole event.

See You At the Pole is an event where students gather at their school's flagpoles to pray for their school and nation. It began with a small group of Texas students in 1990 and is now also observed by students in Australia and Korea.

For information on See You At the Pole and to view the reports, visit the event's Web site,