Chinese Canadians Set Day of Prayer for June 2005

The Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship express disappointment about the recent Canadian Supreme Court’s decision to tolerate homosexual marriage, and asks for Christians to pray for th
( [email protected] ) Dec 22, 2004 10:54 PM EST

Recently, the Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship held a reporters’ meeting to express how the Christian viewpoint and how the Chinese cultural viewpoint on homosexual marriage is similar. At the beginning of next year, Chinese Christians will send a letter of petition to Parliament. The letter will also express the definition of marriage according to Chinese marriage culture. It states that even traditional Chinese marriage culture, both non-Christian and Christian, supports the marriage of “1 man + 1 woman.” In addition, they have made a decision to set a “Day of Prayer” on June 26 of the next year to summon Toronto’s Christians to join in prayer for the nation.

Thus far, the Canadian Supreme Court has stood behind homosexual marriage. According to the new ruling, the government reserves the power to define marriage in whatever way it sees fit to address the situation of the nation. In other words, the government is free to define marriage according to how it chooses to perceive marriage.

If this provision passes through Parliament, it will formally come into effect next year. In reaction to the ruling, Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship expressed great disappointment and outrage. This provision, they say, attacks the traditional marriage.

Moreover, many United States Christian groups express concern for the possibility that many homosexuals will flock to Canada for so-called marriage if the provision is approved. Many church leaders in the United States have joined the Canadian churches in urging followers worldwide to pray for Canada.