HK and Taiwan Churches Will Hold Prayer Events

Churches in both regions encourage Christians to pray for disaster victims.
( [email protected] ) Dec 31, 2004 11:50 PM EST

New Year's Eve has traditionally been an exuberant event welcoming the new year. This year's event is a little different from before. Reminders of the disaster in southern Asia continues to dog the festivity of this year's celebration.

Many international relief organizations are giving help to the disaster region. Many churches canceled celebrations for the New Year, instead optiong to hold prayer meeting for disaster victims.

Numerous Hong Kong and Taiwan churches will hold prayer meeting overNew Year's. Many churches now encourage Christians to pray for disaster victims so that "God will help them."

The tsunami that struck southern Asia moved as far as the African continent. There are still around 277 Hong Kong people who are reportedly missing. And there is one who is confirmed death.

Because they are facing this situation, Hong Kong's David Cultural Center will hold the "Difficulties in Tsunami, Love in Prayer Meeting" event. The prayer meeting includes praise, sharing grace, bible studies, prayer, and action planning. They invited some people who just came back from disaster region including Doctor Liren Gong, Vice President of Hong Kong Chinese University and Congji Theology College, Pastor Zhenzhi Wu who is the majordomo of the David Cultural Center and pastor of Graceful Rain Christian Church. The prayer meeting will be held from 3 pm to 5 pm on Saturday, January 1,2005 in the Peace Mountain square.

Moreover, churches in Gaoxiong of Taiwan will hold "Dancing for God 2005" event in the Love Park from 9 pm to 12 pm on New Year's Eve. They will pray for nations, society and churches. They also will share grace through prayer meeting. They hope that the gospel will go around Taiwan. And they hope God will bring peace and blessing to disaster victims in southern Asia through their prayer.

Churches claim that it is very importat for people to pray to God when facing difficulties, stating that God will work for disaster region by through love and grace.