Appeal Meeting to Raise Funds will be Held

The response of church leaders towards South Asia Disaster is calling for a joint appeal meetings in which people of different faith will also participate in contributing towards the financial funding
( [email protected] ) Jan 03, 2005 03:53 PM EST

Despite the large sums that has been pledged to aid the victims in South Asia, the death toll are on the rise each day, where mass burials are being held for 126,000 and more. The United Nations warned the numbers killed by the Tsunami could rise to 150,000.

People of all religions and faiths in the world have been holding appeal meetings for Asia's tsunami victims.

Australian Muslims, Jews and Christians are going to hold a appeal meeting for to raise funds in the Asian tusnami diaster this week. The appeal meeting will hold in the Canberra's National Center for Christianity and Culture on Friday.

This meeting will involve the National Cuncil of Churches in Australia (NCCA), the Australian Federation of Isalmic Councils and the Exexutive Council of Australian Jewry.

Before the joint appeal meeting, these organizations have held an appeal meeting each by themselves. Yet, because this disaster affects people of all faiths, every kinds of faith should lay down their differences to join together to help the victims of the Asian tsunami.

Professor Haire, Head of Griffith University School of Theology, said, "The joint effort was an important symbolic gesture for the Australian community and the overseas community. The disaster in South Asia is a human tragedy that which Christians, Muslims and Jews should respond with compassion. Morever, this plan will extend to talks with Buddhists, Hindus and other faith communites, they can also take part in the appeal."