‘OH! MY GOD’ Teenage Website Has Been Launched

The main purpose of establishing the website is to proclaim the gospel
( [email protected] ) Jan 05, 2005 08:20 AM EST

‘Light on the Tree Worship’ and ‘Taiwan Christian Presbyterian Church Headquarter Youth Ministry Committee’ cooperated to built gospel ministry named, “OH! MY GOD Youth Website” has now been launched. In the era where information technology is rapidly growing, internet has become a useful tool for the everyday lives of teenagers to obtain their primary sources such as news and information; Presbyterian Church hopes that through the use of internet the gospel can be preached to the majority. Using the media culture that youths love, and providing an healthy education with proper care center, the website can introduce and develop the youth’s interest in the life of faith.

“OH! MY GOD Youth Website” sets faith as the foundation. The main purpose of establishing the website is to proclaim the gospel by presenting lively messages of faith.

Why is it named “Oh My God”?

The phrase, Oh My God’, can be seen often times in hymns and prayers calling upon the Lord. Through the website, the producer of the website hopes that both Christians and non-Christians can experience the love that God has for people, and praise the Lord for all that he has created through the contents. In traditional Christian language perspective, children are not to use the word ‘God’ recklessly, but this word has already been overused in English-speaking countries, and has been spread all over the world as a common slang. In Taiwan, some English school teaches this phrase as an English idiom, which has a very big difference from its original meaning. Thus, they wish to point and teach other the proper usage and meaning behind this phrase through this opportunity.