Evangel Literature Releases 'Simplified-Chinese' Gospel Sheets

Beginning in 2005, a Chinese Chrisitan publication offers unique evangelism sheet printed in simplified-Chinese lettering that is geared toward Mainland Chinese immigrants.
( [email protected] ) Jan 28, 2005 03:43 PM EST

Near the beginnig of 2005, the Evangel Literature made a new series of Gospel sheets in simplified Chinese, for the churches and mission groups to reach out to the new immigrants from mainland China.

The needs for these new sheets arose as most Mainland Chinese only understand simplified-Chinese lettering adoped by the People's Republic of China, called "jianti." Hong Kong and Taiwan continues to use the traditional-Chinese lettering system known as "fanti."

According to Ms. May Lai-mui Pang, who has been serving in this non-profit organization for years, most of the prints were done in traditional Chinese. In the past, the organization would seldom print in simplified Chinese since the majority of Chinese in the westcoast hailed from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In recent times, nonetheless, the United States experienced an influx of Mainland-Chinese immigrants. Soon, various Christian ministries found it difficult to reach out to the newcomers. To cope with this new challenge, churches and mission groups began asking for outreach sheets and Gospel booklets in simplified Chinese.

"Not only in America, but also in other Asian countries and Eastern Europe, there are more and more people from mainland China. Many mission groups are asking us for outreach tools that are printed in simplified Chinese [characters]." May said.

Thus, in 2005, the first job of the Evangel Literature was to send out a series of six simplified Chinese Gospel sheets to address the urgent demands. The Gospel sheets, which were designed and printed in last Decemnber, included pictures, Bible verses, basic questions, and answers of faith. May said that they had printed more than 100,000 sheets, and arround 30,000 sheets had already been sent out within one month.

The samples of the six Gospel sheets can be seen at the organization website at site. On the website, the Evangel Literature welcomes any church, mission group or individual to request evangelism sheets.

The Evangel Literature started its minitry on the westcoast of the United States thirty-five years ago. It has been serving as an important organization which prints evangelism tools for the Chinese-American churches, and publishes Christian books in Hong Kong with the cooperation of local Christian publishing companies.

It offers Gospel sheets and booklets to aid Chinese-American churches and mission groups. The sheets and booklet have been instrumental in helping missionaries and evangelists working in the domestic United States, Asia, and Eastern Europe.