Wycliffe Hosts ‘TOTAL It Up’

The Wycliffe Bible Translators will start annual ‘TOTAL It Up’ event in six regions in the United States for 2005.
( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2005 12:30 AM EST

For the past few years, the Wycliffe Bible Translators has a hosted five-day event called “TOTAL It Up,” to give aspiring Wycliffe workers opportunities to get a glimpse into the work associated with Bible translations. The “TOTAL It Up” event, as with previous years, is hosted and organized by each of the six Wycliffe US Regional Offices in different locations and on different days.

‘TOTAL’ is an acronym for “Taste of Translation and Linguistics.” The event will include introductory classes on phonetics and phonology, grammar, language and culture learning, and semantics. Participants are not required to have a background in linguistics, however. The cost for attending one event ranges from $150 - $200, varying between locations. According to the event website, Wycliffe also offers scholarships for participants. Event schedule, locations, and times can be accessed on the Wycliffe website, under the “happenings” section.

A source from Wycliffe said that the event gives participants “a good idea on how linguistics is done and how it applies to Bible translations. This is helpful for many.” She also said that many find out whether or not they have the skills to participate in Bible translation efforts. Though not everyone is up to the task, she added, there are many support roles they can play in Wycliffe.

She also shared a story concerning the contributions of one Chinese American. Judy Maree, now married, worked as a translation-consultant in the Philippines in 2004. She became the first Chinese American within the organization to finish New Testament translations in a non-English language. Last year, Judy had been working on a minority language in the Philippines called ‘finalig.’

Currently the Wycliffe Bible Translators works according to the Vision 2025 guidelines. From its founding in 1942, the organization has sought to translate the Bible into every spoken language in the world – including unwritten minority languages. However, some individuals estimated that it would take up to 150 years for the organization to translate each language.

Addressing this concern, Wycliffe Bible Translators created a bold campaign to translate the Bible into virtually all spoken languages in the next 22 years. Unlike previous times, the organization currently works extensively with local church groups, residents, and government workers.

So far, Wycliffe Bible Translators in the United States has set up mobilization offices for the Chinese American, Korean American, African American, and Hispanic/Latino communities.