'Yeah Show' Pastor Tours the World

Pastor Yinuo Lin will hold "Yeah Show" sermons around the world for 2005. He will go to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, America, Canada, Britain, France, and Holland.
( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2005 11:53 PM EST

This year, Pastor Yinuo Lin will deliver "Yeah Show" sermons worldwide. He plans to go on tour to preach in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, America, Canada, Britain, France and Holland.

According to his plan, the first stop will be at the Imitational Hong Kong Coliseum on April 2 to April 3. About 30,000 people are expected to attend.

Afterwards, he will depart for the Malaysia and Australia in May. For June, he will be in Toronto and Vancouver. Finally, he will deliver sermons in Britain, France, and Holland in September.

Since 2000, Hong Kong and some overseas Chinese Christian organizations held many "Yeah Show" events. The events were sponsored by Hong Kong's Media Evangelism Limited.

Sources say that "Yeah Show" sermons is different in that it departs from more traditional preaching methodologies, giving the message a more refreshing tone. So far, some have expressed interests in studying and applying "Yeah Show" techniques.

Pastor Lin and a few associates officially established the Network J International Organization in June 2003. They expressed hopes in uniting and communicating with local churches and Christian faith organizations worldwide. They also hope that, through this organization, they can bring more and more people to God by delivering effective sermons.

On October 28-29, 2003, Pastor Lin also held a sermon/concert titled "'Yeah Show' Sing for Hong Kong" at the Imitational Hong Kong Coliseum. Around 20,000 people reportedly gathered for the event. In addition, around 400 people reportedly became believers after concert.

Later year, Pastor Lin successively delivered "Yeah Show" sermons in Malaysia, attracting about 20,000 people. In Canada, more than 4,000 people listened to the sermon. In Australia, Pastor Lin delivered sermon before over than 4,000 people.

Some sources say Pastor Lin is the first Chinese pastor to deliver a sermon at the mass gathering in Sydney. He has additionally brought many overseas Chinese over to God.