62nd Annual NRB Convention and Exposition held in Anaheim

The National Religious Broadcasters’ 62nd annual convention and exposition attracts more than six thousand Christian communicators as well as 300 exhibitors.
( [email protected] ) Feb 15, 2005 12:57 AM EST

Starting last weekend, the National Religious Broadcasters opened its 62nd Annual Convention and Exposition. This highly anticipated event is reputedly the largest of Christians involved with media-communication ministries or organizations. In addition to attracting more than 6,000 Christian communicators, the NRB made space for 300 exhibitors to display the latest developments in the Christian media community. Each year, the gathering attracts various media organizations including religious publishers, newspaper, humanitarian groups, and broadcasting ministries.

In a statement, the NRB 2005 will renew “vision and commitment to reaching the world for Christ through electronic media.” This year, newly-elect chairman Ronal L. Harris of Criswell Communications will replace former-chairman Rev. Glenn Plummer, whose three-year tenure is scheduled to end this year at NRB 2005. Rev. Plummer is currently the first African American to hold the position in the 62-year history of the NRB.

The event was preceded by a brief introduction from NRB President Dr. Frank Wright and an opening prayer from Chairman/CEO Glenn Plummer last Friday. The event is scheduled to end the afternoon of this Tuesday, February 15, 2005.

According to NRB 2005 Coordinators, the event offers communicators opportunities to link up with key-players within the Christian media arena. Research, the NRB says, shows that no less than 141 million Americans have access to various forms of religious media. During the Saturday afternoon Opening Press Conference, NRB president Frank Wright talked about how electronic media plays a dominant role in society today. Though it produces many negative effects, Wright said, electronic media provides “wonderful opportunities to proclaiming the truth.”

The event also included an evening praise event titled Aspire 2005. Artist invited to the event included Rebecca St. James, John Tesh, and Michael Card. Leading the event with a sense of wry humor, John Tesh not only sung but also gave a touching testimony about how he came to Christ. In addition, Tesh shared his experiences working a tsunami-devastated town in Sri Lanka days after the fateful disaster that took place on December 26.

Also present were various talents from the Saddleback Church choir. The event also showcased behind-the-scenes footages of the upcoming film, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” This film will be the first installment of seven films inspired by C.S. Lewis’ classic, The Chronicles of Narnia.

In addition to expositions and performances, the NRB event included “Boot Camps” workshops, keynote sessions led by famous speakers and artists, peer-led Innovation exchange, job fair, and educational pavilion.

The first NRB gathering was held in 1943 in Columbus, Ohio. The original gathering has attracted about 50 religious broadcasters. Thereafter, the NRB has become a highly reputable voice in promoting media access for the preaching of the Gospel. Over the decades since its founding, NRB continually prides itself for providing the best-reputed assistance, training, and networking for professional Christian media experts all over the world.