Hong Kong Alpha Course Offers Proposal for 2005

( [email protected] ) Feb 17, 2005 11:36 PM EST

February 15, 2005 at the Hong Kong Youth Association Center, the Hong Kong Alpha course introduces a series of new proposals before the start of Alpha Course 2005 in September.

At a press conference, participants were introduced to a new icebreaker game that will be implemented as part of the course. Participants were given blue or red stickers. Next, the participants were asked to look for their fellow red-sticker or blue-sticker partners. Upon finding a partner, the participants had to ask a few yes/no questions to get to know their partners. This game, according to Alpha Course sources, is meant to introduce a warm atmosphere before class begins.

The same day, Hong Kong Alpha Course Leader Jie Ha Lajian (Mandarin pronun.) announced a series of proposals for the upcoming 2005 Alpha Course scheduled for September 28 of this year. By the end of 2005, she said, Hong Kong Alpha Course hopes to set up course locations in 200 churches, 50 businesses, 15 prisons and 20 campuses.

Each year, Alpha Course holds courses in hotels, churches, homes, youth centers, campuses, and prisons all over Hong Kong.