Anglican Women's Joint Prayer Night In Episcopal Church of Our Savior

After the mass, Margaret Rose, Director of the Episcopal Church's Women's Ministries, said,
( [email protected] ) Mar 07, 2005 07:11 PM EST

New York - More than 70 delegates gathered for the 49th session United Nation Commission on the Status of Women at Episcopal Church of Our Savior, the only Episcopal church in Manhattan Chinatown, in a joint prayer night on Mar 4.

During the service, Kyoko Kageyama, Missioner of the Metropolitan Japanese Ministry, shared the story from the bible of the woman who broke the alabaster jar, which was taken from Luke 7:36-50. "This sinful woman, her image is very bold." Though no one spoke with her, whoever touched her would be considered unclean, she went to Jesus with her alabaster jar. "Where does her courage come from?" she asked, and continued, "she loves much, and that's why she's not afraid."

Jesus, she said, was touched by this sinful woman. He understood her sorrow. And today, "we have met many women just like her. They all carry their jars, with different perfumes, going in front of Jesus." She asked the congregation to meditate on this image, and "let her enter your life and share her perfume - those who no body cares, no body touches, invite them to join us this evening, here and now."

The delegates, who attended the evening prayer, were all from Anglican church - 50% of them are from the 26 Anglican provinces located all around the world, the other 50% are from 40 churches of ECUSA, which are located 11 U.S. states. Through joining CSW, they endeavor to advocate an end to the most important issues about women now: poverty, security, development of life, education, etc,.

After the service, Margaret Rose, Director of the Episcopal Church's Women's Ministries, said, "Christian women are called by God, to make a difference in the world." She encouraged women to voice their stand and concern openly, and "put our prayers into action."