Ambassador for Christ Hosting Discipleship Training Seminar

“Even though we can’t go to China, we wish to develop them to sent them back equipped with firm foundation upon the Lord, so that they may become the tool of God in mobilizing missions in China.”
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Since the early 1980s, Ambassador from Christ has been hosting annual conferences and seminars, and even retreats, which have been proven to be quite successful in giving the gospel to many Chinese students, and many of them have become believers. In addition, some present Chinese Christian leaders are their fruits of the past.

According to Dr. David Aikman, former Bureau Chief of TIME magazine, scholars who have returned to China, even at the leading Beijing University, are willing to openly confess that they had become Christians in the United States. Considering future world development, Dr. Aikman says, “Reaching out to the students from China in the U.S. is simply the most strategically important Christian missionary endeavor in the world.”

Ruth W.H. Chen, retired person working as a part-time volunteer stated, “Most Chinese Christian leaders have probably been influenced by AFC one way or the other.”

Ambassador for Christ started 40 years ago with a vision that the founders of AFC, Moses Chow, Ted Choy and his wife Leona Choy received while praying together with Christiana Tsai in a room in Paradise, PA.

The vision is to pass the gospel into China through the work of oversea Chinese students. “Even though we can’t go to China, we wish to develop them to sent them back equipped with firm foundation upon the Lord, so that they may become the tool of God in mobilizing missions in China.”

This vision brought about the formation of Ambassador for Christ during the 60s and 70s. AFC provided bible-studies for many Chinese student intellectuals through Chinese bible-study groups (CBSG)in various US campuses. Many of them have dedicated their lives to serving God. These bible-study groups later matured and develop into Chinese Churches. Many of today’s pastors and church leaders dedicated themselves to the Lord while they were students. AFC is continuing the strategic work among students to prepare leaders for tomorrow’s Chinese Churches.

“AFC direct the attention towards the younger generations for they will become our future leaders. The present leaders are the fruits of the past,” said Ruth Chen.

In the early 1980's, large numbers of China's leading scholars and students have studied in North America. With present and former students, scholars and family members, the number may well be over 100,000 now.

Since 1983, AFC has been holding Triennial Chinese Mission Convention. The convention serves as a catalyst to inspire, educate and mobilize Chinese in North America to become a vital force for God's Kingdom. The Mission Convention grew from 300 participants in 1983 to 1800 participants in 1995.

In 2004 Chinese Mission Convention, approximately 1500 people attended, over 70 pastors and ministers, and over 150 volunteers. Attendees came from 33 states and 12 countries. Over 60 adults went forward to commit themselves to the Great Commission, and over 50 youth made a commitment to the Lordship of Christ.

In April 2005, Ambassador for Christ will be hosting a series of Seminars titled “Dynamic Discipleship Seminar” all across United States, and Chuck Kwok, who is a professor in the field of international business at University of North Carolina, has received “The most outstanding international professional” award from the North Carolina Mayor and “Honorable Visiting Professor” award from Beijing University, and has served diligently in the ministry of Campus Evangelical Fellowship along with his wife, will speak as the main speaker. One could expect the seminar to have a certain degree of impact upon the attendants.

In addition, in July, Ambassador for Christ will host the following events: “Leadership Training for Reaching the Chinese Intellectuals & Professionals”, “Chinese Christian Faculty Network Annual Retreat”, “Love for Live Marriage & Family Conference.” Event Details

Today, primary ministry of AFC remains focused on campus evangelism and discipleship while many supporting ministries evolved as the campus ministry grew. Other complementary ministries include publishing books, and mainland Chinese Literature Ministry, bi-monthly Chinese “Ambassador’s Magazine”, establishing literature resources center and organizing conference designed for students, singles, and families, including the Urbana-type Chinese Mission Convention held every three years.

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