Christian Herald Rummage Sale Shop “The Door of Grace” Opens on Howard Street in New York City

The opening of “The Door of Grace” is a new turning point, where all can participate.”
( [email protected] ) May 18, 2005 08:09 AM EDT

On May 15, “The Door of Grace” rummage sale shop opened officially on Howard Street in New York City. Christian Herald staff workers, volunteers and various others have all arrived at the opening for celebration.

Inside of “Door of Grace”, one can find items donated from various places. All are brand-new items that which the owner could not use, so they are sold at a rather cheap price. “This does not mean that these items do not have any value, but, rather, their values are very high because they contain lots of love as contributions from self-less individuals. Hopefully, after people enter, they would have received grace coming out.”

Because this building owner is a devote Christian, he let CCHC use this place for a long period of time free of charge. Thus, the executive director of CCHC, Pastor Lo is filled with gratitude: “The price of the properties on Howard Street are all very expensive, but we are able to use this place for free. It is really the grace of God.”

The size of this place is over 1,000 sq ft. The first floor is being used as a bookstore, internet café, and a café that is managed by several co-workers. The second floor is being used by the “Door of Grace” rummage sale shop.

CCHC states, “Because there isn’t a need to pay for rent and all merchandises are donated by caring individuals, the “Door of Grace” can sell the products at the lowest price possible; those who come to the shop can often times find the things that they need; in addition, they can also support charity work. You can say that it is a win-win situation. Often times, because of the speed at which the selling and buying of the Merchandise, you would be surprised at the things that you can find here. Some are really precious. As for the merchandises given in mass quantity, CCHC would give tax-deductible receipts to the donors for they are non-profit organization.”

Before the opening at this new location, “Door of Grace” has been operating in the City Hall Building for over four months. During this period, approximately one hundred individuals have donated items, and some even donated massive quantity of items from their closed businesses.

On one hand, the revenues received are used to support CCHC community servicing programs. On the other hand, they are used to support 20 families with Autism. “Door of Grace” has also helped recovering mental patients, Mother of kids with Autism and others that need working opportunities to hold activities and to help carry their life burdens.

CCHC also stated that most of their supporters are passionate Christians, “But the founding of ‘Door of Grace’, is so that everyone can participate, because social works are not only limited to religious beliefs. The community has many needs, and it requires more people to serve and participate to make it even better.”