FES revisits Tiananmen Square with Hong Kong students

( [email protected] ) Jun 13, 2005 08:53 AM EDT

The historical incident happened in Tiananmen Square of China of 1989 has been passed for 16 years. It is the unforgettable event that is embedded in every single Chinese. However what is the point of view of the X-generation?

Tabitha Mui, Form 7 student: student is not Pessimistic

Mui Tabitha first heard about incident in Tiananmen Square in the sixth year of primary school. When the English teacher narrated the movement, even the most mischevious student listened attentively. Many students shed tears of indignation including Mui as they watched preserved videos of her father.

Now, Mui who just finished high school, she began to think about her identity as a Chinese, Hong Kong native, student, citizen and Christian in face of this incident. She felt that the attitude of Christian should not be pessimistic but must keep focus on God and the hope for the future. She said she will diligently to complete citizen's responsibility and testify God at her own position.

In order to draw the new generation attention towards the history, Fellowship of Evangelical Students on June 4 held a gathering titled "16- year Wound" -- 64 commemorative activities at St. Andrew's Christian Centre.

More than 150 years participate in this gathering. Two sets of documentary films were broadcasted upon the incident, discussion was held after to share about the impression and feeling.

Lau Kwok Wai, Simon: The Christian should undertake the history

After the discussion, two students shared about their view towards the incident. Student Chu, third year student of Hong Kong University shared, when God first created man, God put a heart of righteousness inside of man. Christian is in the position of prophet in society. Student Sung said, Although the incident past 16 years, however we will not forgot and this will driven the new generation to pay attention at the problem of Chinaese community and the root of problem.

Lau Kwok Wai, the president of Fellowship of Evangelical Students concluded that youth Christians have the responsibility to understand history and carry it on. Lau said "the history never objectively look at the truth" hence Christian has the responsibility know the history and hold on to the historical will.

Mui said she will pray for the one with power and entrusted the history in the hand of God. She will pay attention on the human affair with every effort. Student Chu said he will use all the limited resource to find out and to distinguish the truth of history. Lau said FES held discussion on Tiananmen Square incident with Hong Kong studnets that students must fulfill the responsibly by diligently study and equip oneself; Christian must honestly live confronting the history and the world.

Youth Christian must spread the Christ values

After the gathering, Lau said to the reporter that Christian must build their faith on both testifying Jesus as Christ and live following the words. Christians lived in the world, must influence the world and society with bible value. Lau said "To spread the gospel is to spread the Christ values."

For the past 16 years, Fellowship of Evangelical students has been holding activities aimed "to inherit, and to educate" for the new generation to has a deeper insight toward the incident, to understand their responsibility and position in the history and develop a sense of responsibility.

FES every summer holiday holds Journey to China which allows students to inspect and exchange for a deeper understanding towards China. Additional, "Care group for China" was established in college to study and through prayer meeting to ignite the students' heart for the China.

The website of Fellowship of Evangelical Students: http://www.fes.org