Young Christians Ignite Passion at NY Evangelism Training Camp

Around 30 passionate young Christians gather from multi-metropolitan areas for "Summer Short-term Mission Experience Camp" in Manhattan.
( [email protected] ) Jul 19, 2005 04:06 PM EDT

The New York Short Term Mission Training Center is currently holding "Summer Short-term Mission Experience Camp" from July 17-24 at the New York Chinese Alliance Church in Manhattan's Chinatown.

Around 30 passionate young Christians gather from multi-metropolitan areas outside New York, such as Boston, Los Angeles, and even Hong Kong to participate in the event. Over half of the participants are new-believers in their teens.

The church opens its doors every morning to evangelism workshops to educate young Christians how to practice their faith.

Led by pastors and church workers, the group practices evangelizing in public environments, including visiting Chinese restaurants, subways, homes, etc.

The highlight of the day camp is the faith-based film screening presented on Wednesday, July 20, inviting families to participate.

Director of Mission Training Department Mun-Kin Fan says that he specifically chose these methods to train young Christians to evangelize. According to Mr. Fan, learning skills to evangelize comes later, whereas nurturing young Christians with a passion for evangelism comes first. "If there is no passion, it's useless," he explains.

Mr. Fan said he wished that through these workshops, believers can gain lasting lessons, continue sharing their experiences with their peers, and develop an on-going passion for evangelism.