AFC Will Hold Three Dynamic Discipleship Seminars

Ambassador for Christ will be holding three Dynamic Discipleship Seminars starting this September.
( [email protected] ) Aug 06, 2005 01:38 PM EDT

Ambassador for Christ will be holding three Dynamic Discipleship Seminars starting this September. The three sessions will be held at Springfield, Massachusetts in September, Flushing, New York in October, and Atlanta, Georgia in November.

The Dynamic Discipleship Seminar is a discipleship course directed to training new believers. Speaker Dr. Chuck. Kwok is the professor of South Carolina University International Business Division. In 1998 he was awarded by the governor of South Carolina the Most Outstanding International Professional Award. In the previous year, he was given the honorary guest professor from Beijing University. Dr. Kwok and his wife has devoted themselves into Chinese scholar ministries for years, and has lectured often in churches, retreats, and conferences.

Dr. Kwok’s method of teaching focused on life changing discipleship. He utilized his many years of experience in discipleship and has created a set of courses and methods of practical training. The seminar will teach leaders to lead through their life witness and to establish spiritual communications with their followers through reading of scriptures and breaking bread. The leaders will also be encouraged to train the next generation of disciples, thus multiplying the amount of disciples. Other than lectures, the seminar will also feature live training sessions that will allow students to learn and put it into practice.

Those who have attended the Dynamic Discipleship Seminar have testified invaluable gains they received from the seminar:

“I learned the importance of the reading the scriptures and its practicality.”

“I learned that maturing in life is more important than increasing knowledge, the strategy to the discipleship training is to affect one life with another.”

“I wish to invite more members to attend, and I hope that more locations may organize this kind of seminar.”