Media Evangelism New Film "Living Strong Baby" On Show in US in September

( [email protected] ) Aug 25, 2005 12:37 PM EDT

The latest production of the Media Evangelism Limited International "Living Strong Baby" will have the first theater screening today in Hong Kong. The Media Evangelism Limited International will also launch a promotion campaign for the movie in various major cities in America and Canada alongside with evangelism effort in September to reach out to the overseas Chinese Christians.

The movie "Living Strong Baby" is based on real experience of a world renowned pediatrician Dr Vincent Yu and his wife Winnie. Dr Yu is specialized in saving early-birth newborns throughout his life. His contribution and authority has been widely recognized by the medical profession. In fact, Dr Yu and his wife had also experienced the lost of their only child in an accident at the 17th week of pregnancy.

As the saving hands of numerous early-birth newborn in the past 20 years, Dr Yu has met many parents who have painfully lost their children as well as many miracles where a life is saved in very critical conditions. Dr Yu came to discover the mystery of life that God has revealed through all these stories.

Dr Yu would like to share that even though doctors have the obligation to save life, but this action does not give any meaning to the life itself, rather it gives an opportunity for the life to exist and discover its meaning of existence through living experience.

The main message conveyed by the movie is that there is a purpose behind every baby who has come on earth, whether its life is long or short, alive or death. The advert of a new life to this world is able to change the life of the parents.

The line-up of the movie is very attractive with a number of famous Hong Kong celebrities who are devoted Christians. Therefore, even the promotion and evangelism campaign targeted on overseas Chinese in America and Canada is expected to be successful.

There will be evangelistic movie show held in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, while in America, it will be held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara and Walnut. The movie is in Cantonese with Chinese-English subtitles. The wife of the late well-respected Christian artist Roy Chiao is invited to the sharing session.

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