American Bible Society Launches Fundraising Program to Support Bible Printing in China

( [email protected] ) Aug 28, 2005 03:22 PM EDT

The American Bible Society has recently launched a special fundraising project called "Scriptures for the People in China" to sponsor the Bible printing in China.

In the past 20 years, the American Bible Society has long been supporting the Bible printing in China with papers in collaboration with the United Bible Society. With these papers, the cost of printing Bibles in China can be effectively cut down, so that the comparatively less prosperous Chinese Christians will be able to afford to have their own Bibles.

According to the American Bible Society, in the light of the astonishing growth of the number of Christians in China, the need for Bible is ever increasing in the recent years. More importantly, the Society believes that the Bible has the power to change the life of a man completely.

In the press release of the American Bible Society, it said, "Every dollar given to purchase paper for another Chinese Bible means another life touched by the power of God’s Word."

It also testified the change of a Chinese Christian after reading the Bible whose name is Xie and is now working in the at Amity Printing Co., the only Bible printer allowed in China, "…she was the last person you would ever expect to read one. Known for her quick temper and sharp tongue, she wanted nothing to do with religion … until a Christian friend took the time to talk to Xie about her faith."

"I felt a special tug at my heart that made me want to become a child of God," Xie shared. "I am compelled by the love of God to tell others about Jesus. I long to share this precious truth with people in distress, who don't know the true and living God."

Currently, a generous donor has offered to match every gift up to a total of $300,000. As a result, the offering can now be doubled for every donor. The American Bible Society is calling for generous donation to support the cost of Bible printing in China in 2005.