Annual WCCCC Winter Conference Hopes to Teach Christians How to be Selfless

The West Coast Chinese Christian Conference (WCCCC) will gather many Christians this year to encourage them to grow in maturity.
( [email protected] ) Aug 29, 2005 05:37 PM EDT

From around the United States, many young Christian leaders, students, and those who are interested in learning about how to be selfless and mature Christians will travel to Santa Cruz, California at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center for WCCCC's annual winter conference.

The conference, scheduled on Dec 26-29, will focus on the theme, "Wash one another's feet," which was brought about by such issues as divorce, selfishness, and "disintegrating" relationships that have affected the Christian community.

"We are naturally selfish people. Think about it. From the day we were born into the world, all that concerns us is 'me, myself and I.' An infant would not think, 'Oh, mommy is busy. I can wait a while to be fed,'" from an insight to the conference posted on the WCCCC website.

The WCCCC Executive Committee Chairman, Darryl Jue said that this year's conference is the first year in a "multi-year" campaign that will focus on impacting the "…Generation for Christ."

"As Christians, we have the responsibility to be salt and light of the world…." This year's conference will focus on "[encouraging] believers to go against the worldly culture and to get away from the 'Me, Myself and I' thinking," he said.

The main conference speakers are, Dr. Jeff Louie, the Senior Pastor at the Sunset Chinese Baptist Church, and Dr. Milton Wan, a professor of religion at Hong Kong Chinese University. Both speakers have shaped the Chinese Christian church through their innovative approach on how to reach people for Christ.

The conference will provide workshops to further assist the attendees on how to "serve in humility" and how to grow in their spiritual faith by including topics on prayer, fasting, witnessing, evangelizing, discipleship, forgiveness, how to deal with relationships, how to answer questions on Christianity, and what is "…Suitable for [the] followers of Christ," a course on understanding the influence on mass media and the impact it has on discerning the Christian faith.

One highlight of this year's conference includes a performance by jnX, joyful noise Xpress, a worship ministry that has recently released an album. Anthony Chan, the founder of jnX, for the past few years has devoted his life to full-time ministry for God.

From the beginning of the year to the month of Nov, the committee at WCCCC have met to discuss the 2005 December conference, and they are continually planning for this year's conference. The committee is strengthened through these conferences for the chance to meet and fellowship and to insure the preparation of this year's conference is successful.