Chinese Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in New York

NEW YORK- ''Thanksgiving Day is not only a special day for Caucasians, but it is also a day to celebrate for everyone here,'' a Chinese pastor said.
( [email protected] ) Nov 26, 2005 12:49 PM EST

NEW YORK- "Thanksgiving Day is not only a special day for Caucasians, but it is also a day to celebrate for everyone here," a Chinese pastor said.

On Nov. 24, people across the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving Day. In New York, over 100 Chinese Christians originated from Fuzhou province gathered at the Oversea Chinese Mission New York Centre to join a special thanksgiving gathering. As immigrants from the Far East, they offered gratitude to God for how he has guided them to settle down in the United States.

The gathering began with praise and worship, followed by the drama performance of the Oversea Chinese Mission Gospel Fellowship, keynote speech from Missionary Cheung and testimony from Brother Chow.

"Thanksgiving Day is also a day of celebration of us because it is originally a special day for the immigrants from Europe," Missionary Cheung shared, referring to the majority of the audience who also came from a foreign country.

Cheung further told the audience about the historical background of the Thanksgiving Day. In 1620, a group of English religious separatists (known as Pilgrims) sailed from Europe to North America on Mayflower, in search of a home where they could freely practice their style of religion. Crossing the Pacific Ocean, they finally arrived in America. However, they were severely starved after the long sail. Some native American Indians gave them food and also taught them agricultural skills. Later, at the first harvest, the pilgrims have never forgotten the blessings God has poured upon them abundantly and they gave thanks to God.

Cheung told the Chinese congregations, it is very thankful for they can be here, because all the blessings come from God. He said that gratitude is the source of true peace and joy. In face of adversity, the heart of gratitude becomes the strength to overcome everything, he added.

The rest of the gathering featured a short drama based on a real life story of a Chinese immigrant and testimony of Brother Chow. The programs were very impressive to the Chinese immigrants who have eventually turned to God after going through many hardships.