Rev Thomas Wang: America, Return to God

Rev. Dr. Thomas Wang brought out the the "fatal strategies" of Satan by describing the "symptoms" and "social-drifts" in era of post-modernism.
( [email protected] ) Dec 18, 2005 04:06 AM EST

Rev. Dr. Thomas Wang brought out the "fatal strategies" of Satan by describing the "symptoms" and "social-drifts" in era of post-modernism. In addition, he presented the plan to publish "America, Return to God", which he is still working on and urged the support of evangelical Christians.

The book America returned to God will feature selected timely articles by Billy Graham, James Dobson, Charles Colson, Ravi Zacharias, Carl F. H. Henry, Francis Schaeffer, Gary De Mar, David Barton, and Thomas Wang. 500,000 copies of the book will be printed and sent free to American leaders of all levels (Federal, State and city), and all fields (political, educational, judicial, commercial, societal, scientific, church, media etc.)

Wang warned of Satan’s strategy against United States, which he called the "Christian home-base."

Because of the rampant activities of homosexuals and laws passed legalizing homosexual marriage, Wang questioned the churches in America in sending out missionaries when their own country is becoming more like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Recently, an American missionary, returning from doing mission in a Muslim nation, told Wang his greatest fear doing missions in Muslim countries. Going beyond the worries of safety or the political turmoil, he is worried that during evangelism a Muslim would tell him "Sir, I appreciate what you are doing among us. However, we think you better go home, because your society needs you more. The moral of our Muslim society is better than yours."

"If someone does say that to him, he would lose his courage to continue the mission effort," said Wang.

Wang believed that the battle should two in two fronts.

"Not only should Christians focus on sending missionaries abroad or the missionary sending efforts in China, but they should focus on the fights at the Christian home-base," said Wang. "If America does not change, then our mission effort is finished."

As Wang passed out a hand-out titled "Barbarians are Here!" that was borrowed from famous theologian, Carl Henry, he commented on the situation of America and said, "The barbarians are already in our bedrooms."

Pointing out the "symptoms" of the how the society is growing further away the conservatism way of thinking of traditional marraige, Wang spoke of the "social-drift" in society. Not long ago, somebody interviewed a group of students, who was studying Romeo and Juliet, and he asked them their opinion on the tragedy as a result of not being able to get married. A student responded saying, "Why don’t you just live together?"

Wang said this kind of comment reflects the attitude that the younger generations have towards homosexual "social-union," which defines homosexuals living together without getting married. The social-drift has caused some Christians to become secular or atheistic, where they are becoming "Anti-Christian."

In Canada, homosexual marriage has already been legalized and people are prohibited from criticizing homosexual lifestyle. Wang said that this is an example of social-drift. Even though the law has not been passed, someone said that in another two years, the bible will be considered as a hate literature.

Despite the current trend in Canada, the conservative parties in the government are petitioning for a revote on Jan. 21, which will be a chance to reverse the law that legalized same-sex marriage. He urged the people in America to pray for this.

He further explained that all of these symptoms are cases of "rebellion against God," because a believer would say that something is above him, but the attitude of an atheist is that he wants to rule his own destiny.

In face of the "neo-pagan drift," Wang taught the New York evangelical leaders the attitude of faith they should have, "I always tell my people that when you feel that everything is fine and comfortable then there is something wrong. You should feel extremely uncomfortable."

Revealing the "crime," Wang pulled out the book titled "America, Return to God," and gave them to the participants. The book will have 14 selected articles from well-known and influential evangelical leaders, including himself. Then, Wang continued to bring up how the evangelical retreat and revival and the corruption through out this history as he looks back his life.

Wang said that the evangelicals don’t have a voice towards the end of 21st century.

Urging the participants to take a stand, Wang further commented saying that God does not look at numbers but the quality and commitment.

The total cost for the production is $2,000,000 at $4 per book.