Stream of Praise Countdown Celebration Gives 'Glory All Back to God'

The Stream of Praise music ministries hit the climax of their revival as the year ended, and the audience waved their hands in the air.
( [email protected] ) Jan 01, 2006 10:28 AM EST

The Stream of Praise music ministries hit the climax of their revival as the year ended, and the audience waved their hands in the air.

The International SOP Leadership and Worship Conference brought participants from around the world to the Costa Mesa Hilton Hotel in Calif. on Dec. 30-Jan. 1, 2006.

The international leaders and professionals from their own respective music fields gathered to learn more from SOP as they attended classes on music, production, and film.

SOP's vision is to start the next wave of revivals among the Chinese Christians and to spread the gospel throughout the globe.

In order for this to be accomplished, they believe that it is essential to prepare the leaders on worship and spiritual leadership. Their effort is to ensure that the leaders will be properly trained in all aspects.

Leaders came from as far as Hong Kong to worship with SOP one last time in 2005. The countdown celebration convened a thousand participants, as the SOP band gave their final performance for the year.

The tele-prompter gave the audience the lyrics as emotions ran high for the crowd to feel the revival in their lives before the new year. SOP asked the audience to raise their hands and to pray and to seek for the "glory of God."

At the countdown, the audience were still singing the songs with SOP and jumping up and down with the same energy as when the worship first started with the exception of a few participants in the back. All stood as they shouted "10, 9, 8…, 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!"

Before the final worship, Rev. Sandy Yu, the founder and president of SOP, walked out onto the stage and said, "There are many brothers and sisters that are willing to give to the Lord."

Rev. Chou asked spiritual mentors of SOP, pastors, teachers, SOP staff and those who have supported their ministry to stand, so that the audience can acknowledge their contributions.

After everyone applauded, SOP had a surprise testimony. They asked one couple -- James and Jackie -- to come out onto the stage and share their testimony.

James did most of the speaking as he shared his difficulties with depression, abuse, and a life-threatening incident that left him in the hospital for one year.

After he was released, he recalled that he was about to fall back into his depression, but someone gave him an SOP CD that he instantly became attached to. It made him cry and emotional, he remembered.

"I felt that the praise and worship would heal me," he lamented. And ever since then, he has been an avid fan.

Afterwards, his wife said, "From my husband's sharing, you can guess the state of our marriage in the past. It was bad at home, but God’s love can change everything."

Rev. Yu made her commented after the testimonies and said that SOP "gives all the glory back to God," saying to the audience that we should tell God that "this is my praise and worship to you. God this is my worship from me to you."