CCHC Celebrates Achievement in the 23th Year of Worldwide Ministry

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC) has recently released an annual report on the achievement in the United States for 2004-2005, showing a tremendous growth in each aspect of the ministry.
( [email protected] ) Jan 18, 2006 06:44 PM EST

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC) has recently released an annual report on the achievement in the United States for 2004-2005, showing a tremendous growth in each aspect of the ministry.

In the preface of the annual report, the executive director and pastor of CCHC Rev Pak- Cheung Lo stated the theme of the year "The Lord of Life, The Source of Hope," and highlighted a few breakthroughs in terms of medical ministries in CCHC.

Since cancer is threatening the physical and spiritual lives of many people across the world, CCHC has first established a Cancer Care Network in the west coast in 2005 to serve the families that are suffering from the disease, based on the strong foundation built by the CCHC Cancer Association in Los Angeles for years.

According to the annual report, about half the Christians who received Christ as their Savior converted because they or their family members have an illness. CCHC Cancer Care Network not only aims to provide caring for the ill-stricken, but it also desires to lead the whole family to Christ.

In addition, the New York Grace Mission Team has started to care of the families with autistic children. A few doctors, brothers and sisters from Pennsylvania also joined the CCHC team to promote the awareness and the care for the AIDS patients in China.

In terms of evangelistic ministry, which has long been a core part of CCHC’s work around the world, CCHC has used diversified-direct evangelism to win souls for Christ throughout the year. The strategies included musical evangelical program, Cantonese opera fellowship evangelistic event, college student gospel camp, street evangelism, gospel café and among others.

At the CCHC New York headquarters and other branch offices in the United States, a total of 2,285 evangelistic activities have been held and 410 people dedicated their lives to Christ in 2004-2005.

As many Chinese churches have started emphasizing the participation in the society, CCHC have showed a great contribution to the local community by offering a extensive range of social services. Throughout the year, the New York headquarters, New York center in Flushing, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas have served a total of 69,277 people through professional counseling, hosting community forums, seminars, English classes, music classes and others.

CCHC has worked on the special ministries with the youth and senior. For the youth ministry, CCHC aims to raise future leaders and the warriors of Christ. New York headquarters, New York Flushing, Los Angeles and San Francisco have led 124 youth to Christ. A total of 11,299 youth participated in CCHC’s programs last year.

In September 2005, the CCHC New York headquarters has started planning the two new ministries – Herald Cadet and Herald Award- to reorganize the existing youth work so as to help the youth growing to maturity through training and encouragement.

The senior ministry has also yielded satisfactory harvest as a total 62 people converted to Christians through joining the programs in New York headquarters, New York Flushing, Los Angeles and San Francisco. A total of 10,369 people were being reached.

CCHC has a strong literature and mass media ministry across the world. Currently, it has 22 editions of Herald Monthly as well as radio broadcasting in North and Central America. Last year, a total of 5,244,000 copies of the Herald Monthly have been distributed in the world.

In the coming year, CCHC will continue to develop a number of experimental ministries. Mentioned by CCHC executive director Rev Lo is the Herald Christian Health Center in Los Angeles. The plan is being strongly backed by the Los Angeles County Health Department. Representatives from a few hospitals in Los Angeles have attended a meeting with CCHC in June 2005. And the CCHC has already found a property with lot size 15,000 sq. ft. and signed the contract for building the future clinic. Further development is now underway.

In the light of the increase in the natural disasters since the beginning of the 21st century, CCHC has decided to design a plan to effectively respond to future disasters. Meanwhile, CCHC is going establish the CCHC Relief Ministry. It aims to gather a group of Chinese Christians who are willing to assist in disasters quickly and rescue lives.

In face of the rising need for resources to support evangelism, CCHC is going to open the first Evangelism Resources Center in Dallas, Texas. It serves to provide a sampling of a variety of Christian books, cassettes, video tapes, CHs and other tools from different publishers, so that Christians can choose the right tools for spreading the gospel while nurturing their own spiritual life. Such Resources Center will be planted in all over North America if it is effective.