CCM USA Celebrates 45th Anniversary with Hope for World Mission

Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) in the United States is going to celebrate its 45th anniversary, highlighting its hope for world mission.
( [email protected] ) Jan 21, 2006 02:07 PM EST

Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) in the United States is going to celebrate its 45th anniversary, highlighting its hope for world mission.

In an open letter written by the General Secretary Paul Chan dated Jan. 18, he announced the celebration of CCM 45th anniversary in 2006. Just as what CCM has been faithfully working on over the last few decades, Chan urges Chinese Christians and churches to adopt a mission-centered mind in their lives and pray for world mission, so that the Kingdom of God will be further advanced.

"We all have personal issues to deal with, but as disciples of Jesus Christ, may we take on the

Kingdom Perspective, and pray daily ‘Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done’, as the Lord has

taught us, " the letter reads.

Chan reveals the plan of CCM this year to launch a tour to visit various cities across the United States in a bid to share the vision of CCM in "reaching the Chinese to reach the world" with more Chinese Christians and churches.

Through the tour, CCM wishes to mobilize churches and CCM magazine readers to help further widening the circulation of CCM magazines around the world, especially in China, so that more people will be reached by the gospel. Moreover, CCM hopes that more Christians will hear the call for missions, and answer their call to be harvesters of the Good News, either as short-term or long-term missionaries.

Domestic-wise, CCM’s nationwide tour looks to see more Gospel centers being established to help the churches to reach out to non-believers, especially among the ever-increasing Mandarin speaking new immigrants.

To mark the special year, CCM- originally founded as a literature ministry- shall be publishing a very important book on missions. The book is a comprehensive volume on the stories and history of OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) missionaries in China and is now in its editing stage. OMF is founded by James Hudson Taylor, who is a British missionary pioneered China inland mission.

CCM calls on Christians to pray for this project that "it will be used not only to pay tribute to faithful

missionaries in the past," but also "as a challenge to Chinese Christians of this era to take up their baton, and finish the race that is marked for them."

According to CCM, there are over 70 million Chinese overseas. For every five people or three non-believers in the world, there is one Chinese. Therefore, CCM is established in October 1961 in Detroit in the United States, with the vision to pool together the strength of Chinese churches and Christians all over the world so that the good news that God loves the world can be reached to kinsmen in China through various channels.

CCM has developed an international network of missions in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Canada and Australia nowadays.

The strategy of CCM is "reaching the Chinese to reach the world" by sharing the Gospel with the Chinese in the mission fields, then reaching out to the local people respectively through them.

CCM has started with literature ministry, but now it has developed into a multi-faceted missions organization reaching the unreached through different channels. Yet the three CCM publications that all have different focuses in terms of contents for different audience- Chinese Today Monthly, Proclaim Bimonthly and Challenger Quarterly- are still very popular among the Chinese believers across the world.