OMF Hong Kong Calls on Prayers for North Korea in June

In the run up to the global prayer campaign for North Korea in June, Oversea Missionary Fellowship (OMF) Hong Kong calls on the participation of Asian Christians.
( [email protected] ) May 31, 2006 08:25 PM EDT

In the run up to the global prayer campaign for North Korea in June, Oversea Missionary Fellowship (OMF) Hong Kong calls on the participation of Asian Christians.

In the latest prayer newsletter from OMF Hong Kong, the inter-agency Global Week of Prayer for North Korea campaign is being highlighted. The participating international agencies include Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), the China Aid Association, Open Doors, Promise Keepers and the National Association of Evangelicals (USA). From June 19 thru June 25, Christians around the world are invited to pray for specific topics on each day.

OMF, as a long-standing mission organizations focus on serving East Asia, has showed great support to the prayer campaign. According to OMF, Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea [DPRK] is probably the most closed country in the world.

Even though the last 20 years has seen the dramatic collapse of communist countries, North Korea has fought hard to remain tightly shut, OMF stated on its introduction to the country. Under the communist regime, all religions have been heavily repressed and few autonomous religious activities continue. It is reported that Christians meet in secret, in small house churches gathering in fields, attics, caves, dugout areas and enclosed spaces inside houses.

OMF believes that God is at work and is creating opportunities for people to be co-workers with what he is doing in North Korea. Therefore, prayer is very crucial in advancing the work.

OMF Hong Kong now introduces the ‘31 Days of Prayer for North Korea’ booklet to promote prayers for North Koreans. Apart from the English version of the prayer booklet which published once every two months, the Chinese version is now on its way of publication. Many Chinese churches can also participate in the campaign.

Sources suggest that Chinese house church leaders residing near the Korean border in northeast China often provide shelter for North Korean refugees risking their lives and the safety of their families. Each year, unknown numbers of North Korean cross the border into China to escape the starvation, and religious and political persecution associated with the regime of North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Il.

The Texas-based Chinese persecution watchdog the China Aid Association (CAA) is one of the co-organizers of the prayer campaign. It urges Chinese Christians to pray in solidarity with North Korean "brothers."

The followings are the suggested prayer topics for North Korea during global prayer week from the OMF:

19 June: North Korea promotes worshipping of leaders, and prohibits religious freedom. Pray that God’s name will be glorified in the country.

20 June: The Gospel can be effectively spread and see great revival as in the past, so that the blood of the martyrs will become the seeds of the Gospel.

21 June: In the midst of great trails, believers can keep their faith firmly and the mighty God will provide what their physically and spiritual needs.

22 June: Believers in the education camp would not give up in face of great persecution, and to fight against attacks with grace and courage.

23 June: Pray for those who fled to other countries to receive the Gospel and they will not be discovered after going back to North Korea. And also pray for those who are in jailed because of their faith.

24 June: To open a way for those who fled North Korea. And also pray for the missionaries who are captured in China.

25 June: To pray for the missionaries who are captured to North Korea, including the safety of two South Korean pastors and their families.