BACSC- The Platform to Equip a Mission Force to China

Over 200 pastors and ministers from major Chinese churches in the Bay Area gathered and shared their dreams for China mission.
( [email protected] ) Jan 23, 2007 05:05 PM EST

Well-known for its dedication in guiding Mainland Chinese scholars to Christ and equipping Mainland Chinese ministers, the Bay Area Chinese Spring Camp has held a vision-sharing dinner last Saturday. Over 200 pastors and ministers from major Chinese churches in the Bay Area gathered and shared their dreams for China mission.

This is the first ever vision-sharing session over the last 13 years of BACSC’s history. It has received huge support from local pastors, including BACSC’s board of directors Elder Kou Shau Ying from Home of Christ Church in Saratoga and Rev Thomas Wang from the Guidepost Gospel Church, founder of BACSC Rev. Paul Yung and former chairman of the Bay Area Chinese Ministerial Prayer Fellowship Rev Job Lee.

The hearts of the attendees were set on fire after the first praising session as they sung in one voice, proclaiming their mission to bring the Gospel to China. Brother Chao Feng, the chairman of the preparatory committee of BACSC, later spoke of the past and the future plan of BACSC.

Beginning of BACSC

The historical background laid at the the 1989’s Tiananmen Incident in Beijing, which has shocked many Chinese around the world, including a Christian couple in the Bay Area. Then, with the heart of serving China, they have started some small bible study groups with students from Mainland China at their home. The group expanded rapidly and therefore became a miniature of today’s BACSC. The first Spring Camp was held in 1994 in collaboration with Tien Dao Christian Media Association headed by Rev Paul Yung, less than 100 attended. Over the past 13 years, it grows to become a 600-member gathering and half of them are non-believers longing to know Christ.

Vision of BACSC

First of all, according to Brother Feng, the Spring Camp is primarily targeted on the Mainland Chinese. The greatest challenge of evangelizing Mainland Chinese is the sense of rejection to churches, which might be due to their atheist background and prejudice against religions. In addition, most of them experience cultural difference in the Chinese American churches, so it is even more difficult to retain them in the church. Feng commented that Spring Camp provides an ideal environment to convert the Mainlanders.

Secondly, Spring Camp aims to raise many Mainland Chinese ministers. According to Brother Feng, it is quite a difficult process for Mainland Chinese Christians to dedicate themselves fully in the church. As Spring Camp preparatory committee passes on the baton from generations to generations, and a strong bonding between coworkers are formed, Mainland Chinese Christians can find their role models or mentors, who would guide them through the way to full-time devotion.

Brother Feng testified that many members of the Spring Camp preparatory committee have actually become full-time ministers or missionaries, showing that Spring Camp is a very effective base for leadership training.

Strategy of BACSC

Brother Feng further elaborated on the ultimate goal of BACSC that goes beyond benefits within this group. Mainland Chinese Christians could become potential ministers to be sent to China in respond to the greater call there. Local-wise, Spring Camp may also act as a catalyst to stir up the passion of Chinese American churches for China mission.

BACSC joins the force of 8 to 15 local churches from the Bay Area to create a huge harvest field. While BASCS provides an unique opportunity for churches of different denominations and traditions to come to work together, the image of the body of Christ is completed and reveals the glory of the Kingdom of God, said Brother Feng.

Future Plan of BACSC

Brother Feng has drawn a blueprint for the future of BACSC. He pointed out that it will act as a platform where all Bay Area Chinese churches provide support to train disciples, preach the Gospel and organize fellowships.

Speaking of evangelism, BACSC sees the need to develop more frequent gatherings, rather than only once a year meeting. So Brother Feng proposed to hold evangelistic outreach and seminars during the year. Besides, in order to touch closely the life of Mainland Chinese Christian, there are plans to hold discipleship training camp as well as to set up fellowship cell groups.

The development of the Spring Camp has been proved a success in the last 13 years. Founder of the Spring Camp Rev Paul Yung gave thanks to the Lord’s grace at his opening speech. He blessed the coming Spring Camp will be used by the Lord more greatly.

"Lord Jesus, when we think of people in Mainland China, sending missionaries there is really an uneasy task. Please allow us to become a kernel of wheat, use us and save your people in China," Rev Yung prayed.