Provisions to the Blind

Mar 31, 2003 01:25 PM EST

Relief ministries and organizations stand ready to receive the outpour of refugees from war-torn Iraq. Christian Blind Mission¡¯s Alan Harkey says, "We are making plans right now to have surgical teams, primarily at the Palestine hospital in Jordan. This will include orthopedic specialists, spinal nerve injuries, emergency treatment for eye trauma, including damage from explosions, mines, grenades, and acute ear trauma, which is very, very common in a war situation." Harkey says because there is a common bond amongst people, there is an opening to share the 'why' behind their mission. "We all know what it's like to hurt. That provides a wonderful opportunity for our missionary workers to put on public display, the love, compassion and the unconditional grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

By Pauline J.