Relieving Physical Needs of the Community

Jan 16, 2003 08:01 PM EST

The youth of America exercise their faith on short term mission trips and training conferences. Dare 2 Share's Greg Sier says the leaders have taught the teenagers how to lead by example.

"During our 'Last Chance Tour', which is an evangelism training conference, we're going door-to-door collecting canned goods for rescue missions. In addition to that, we're using that as an opportunity to introduce people to the Lord, and taking prayer requests; we're training students to do that, and we've just received phenomenal results so far."

Stier says they are partnering with local rescue missions in six other metropolitan areas.

"At our conferences, when we train students how to share their faith, a lot of times, teenagers go out and 'cold call' door to door. A lot of students receive slammed doors in their faces. We started thinking 'how can we minister to the physical as well as the spiritual needs of a particular community?'"

Operation Blessing International works to feed 15,000 people in San Diego. The project, scheduled for Jan. 19 will provide groceries, medical services and entertainment for low income families.

Kristen Vischer of the OBI says, "It's a great way for getting the low-income fans involved in the event. And so, we just want to involve the lower income class to come in and have fun and be guests at a community festival; and, we give away the groceries as well."

The festival, dubbed "Supper Bowl," held the day before the Super bowl is an example of, says Visher, "'By their deed, by their love you shall know them'. It's not overtly religious or evangelistic, but we definitely have one-on-one time, sharing with people."

By Pauline C.