India's Anti-Conversion Laws Worry Missionaries

Apr 02, 2003 02:35 PM EST

The new anti-conversion law in the state of Gujarat worry Christians in the nation and around the world. Dayspring International's John Gilman says, "If you even offer to show someone a free film, like we do, and come and see our movie or any other kind of thing that would be considered an allurement and part of the anti-conversion movement and a person could go to jail for several years (and) be fined." Dayspring shares the love of Christ through an Indian acted film on the life of Christ. Gilman says it has a huge impact on the lives of low-caste Dalits. "That message is profound for a Dalit person who has been told all of his life that God hates you and you are despised. They are truly moved deep in their hearts and the door is open for them to find Christ."

By Pauline J.