Missions Expand Despite Tensions

Apr 02, 2003 02:35 PM EST

Despite dangers from the war, missionaries spread their arms to the unreached and needy around the world. Grace Ministries International Sam Vinton says "It has caused missionaries to be very careful where they go and being in groups. We do know that Rift Valley Academy, a children's school in Nairobi, closed a week early and with the war they felt it would be good to have the children back with their parents." Vinton asked Christians to "Pray to the Lord to strengthen our missionaries, strengthen the Christians in that area and for them to be a great testimony of love as well as those who are doing relief work, Christian groups in Jordan and other places that they will be able to show the love of Christ since most of the people have very, very negative feelings about us because that's all they've ever heard." Grace Ministries uses health care, education and evangelism to facilitate church planting around the world.

By Pauline J.